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Business Mobile

Business Mobile

We all know about the big 3 mobile operators, but how well do they really know you? Are you getting the tender, loving care you really deserve from your mobile provider?

Well there's now an alternative – EBT Business Mobile.



Why Business Mobile?

We’re able to offer you a unique support package tailored to your requirements. That makes us different from a traditional partner or broker because we have complete control over the services, tariffs and commercials we can offer you.


The benefits of Business Mobile

Businesses all over the UK already trust us to manage their fixed telecoms and now many of them are trusting us to provide and manage their mobiles too. They’ve discovered that getting their telecoms from just one provider saves money and hassle and offers a great range of benefits.

  • Preferential rates for calls to your business mobiles*
  • Flexible contracts
  • 'Pay-as-you-use' options
  • Bespoke packages
  • One bill for fixed and mobile services
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Fixed/Mobile Convergence app
* with our fixed/mobile tariff.


Who is it for?

EBT Business Mobile is ideal for small to medium sized organisations that want an alternative, highly responsive, flexible mobile provider. We'll also save you money when calling between your mobile and fixed estates; mobile to fixed line, fixed line to mobile and even mobile to mobile.



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